My client had just purchased a house with beautiful architectural detail that would look great with a hand painted wallpaper. Having found the perfect design, I needed to find the perfect artist due to the complexity of the job. Jessica Becker was highly recommended; however, I was a bit skeptical due to the complexity and my intense scrutiny and known unyielding demand for perfection. Talented, hardworking and fun to work with, everyone on the team enjoyed working with her. I expected a lot and got more than I expected – Jessica delivered a masterpiece. I hope we get to work on another project again!
— Bill Coate/ Carol Rowbo, "The Disgracie Mansion" in Destin, FL.
We have admired Jessica’s previous work she has done around the Jacksonville beaches area and when we opened our new pizzeria we knew she was going to be our muralist! Jessica did an excellent job on our huge pepperoni slice mural. The mural is meant to be interactive and playful for our customers and she nailed it! Jessica is extremely creative, professional, and very talented. We’re very proud to showcase her work and would love to work with her again in the future!
— Jenna Luiga, Owner of restaurant Tony Pepperoni in Atlantic Beach, FL
The building that houses our retail store needed a facelift and we really needed a look that would line up with our brand. Sounds easy right? Wrong! We bounced around ideas in creative meetings internally for weeks with no clear cut style/direction standing out to us. I then set up a meeting with Jessica who within minutes gave a suggestion that we loved! Her vision, her passion, her work ethic and her attitude make her an absolute joy to work with. After posting videos and photos of the work she did on our building our social media response was through the roof. WE absolutely love the mural she did for us and the Social media response proved the public agreed with us wholeheartedly. If you are debating doing any mural work on or at your business or your residence, I implore you to reach out to Jessica Becker and set up a consultation. Her work is simply sensational!
— Greg C. Conley, CARRIBBEAN CONNECTION,Jacksonville Beach, FL
Jessica Becker undertook a project at my place of business which I thought, secretly, was going to be almost impossible to complete. Before the job commenced, Jessica listened attentively to what we wanted out of the project and quickly got back to us with her imaginative ideas. She researched which materials would best suit our high-traffic floor area, gave us a very competitive price and a firm completion date. Her creativity and attention to detail is second to none and she worked long-difficult hours whilst many of the sub-contractors were still working. Not once did she complain and was able to adapt to suit her work environment on almost a daily basis. This, in itself, was no easy feat. Thoughout the duration of the job, Jessica was able to adapt and use her initiative in an attempt at fulfilling the completion and budgetary terms of the contract. Furthermore, I see a very bright future for this artist. Many of my customers love to take pictures in front of both of her creations. One thing which has sparked particular interest, is the positivity stemming from Jessica’s talent at being able to bring life to an inanimate object. In conclusion, I can not say many more positive comments about Ms. Becker’s work ethic. It was refreshing to be able to leave her unsupervised and know that I would not be returning to a visual horror show. She was able to complete her task in time and under budget and therefore, I would have no hesitation referring her to do any job she herself agrees to, no matter how adventurous it may appear. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone at 904-249-5181
— Keith Doherty, Lynch's Irish Pub. Inc, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Immediately looking at Jessica’s portfolio, we knew she was someone we wanted to work with. We initially met and told her our vision for what we wanted her to create. She listened to what we asked for and completely blew our expectations out of the water. We first saw the design that she created and drew up and we couldn’t wait for her to begin. Jessica was prompt every day for work and worked until she finished the job - her work ethic is unmatched and she’s very professional. We couldn’t love the wall that Jessica created and made come to life in our little popsicle shop - it really is what makes our place unique, different and unforgettable!
— Ashlee McCormick, Owner of Backyard Pops, Jacksonville Beach
I have been renovating my home for two years and unable to find the right painting to go on the largest wall in my living room. After meeting Jessica, I knew that her creativity would bring the space to life and we worked toward installing what I call my aquarium. I have had many artists work for me over the past twenty-five years and never have I seen the professionalism Jessica displayed, particularly with keeping a rigid work schedule. She specifically laid out in her contract the hours she would keep and she was never even a minute late each morning yet stayed late many times when she was on a creative roll, always clearing it with me first to ensure that she would not disrupt my schedule. The final product is beyond all expectations and I am simply in awe of this woman’s skills. I recommend Jessica to anyone who is looking for creativity and professionalism without any hesitation. She transformed my living space and, as a consequence, my life!
— Kristi Barlow, "Life Under the Sea" mural in Neptune Beach, FL
Jessica Becker delivered us a piece that absolutely embodied the soul of our venue and the spirit of our guests. Not only is her art original and captivating, but she is a show and spectacle all in herself. In a nitty gritty and predominately male scene, Jessica’s sharp edge and thick skin only blanket her big heart and creative spirit. A riot and joy to see paint, people of all walks of life can quickly appreciate her southern charm and tact for playful humor that only fall short to her profound artistic ability.
— Javier Garcia-Piedra, Manager of Brick House Miami
We had been preparing our walls for 9 months while we built out our patio area. We held out to the very last moment to select the right artist for the job. Finally when the walls were ready, we held the first ever Wynwod Mural Contest and Jessica’s proposal spoke to the heart of our concept. After witnessing her tireless work effort and passion to her craft, I was blown away. However, what blows us all away to this day is the extreme amount of talent she possesses. Lettering, bodies, faces, large scale, freehand – she’s the full package.
— Oscar Zapata, Owner of SHOTS Miami
Our service center in Jacksonville needed a facelift and some color! AS CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Gateway Council, I hoped to find a muralist that was able to relate to today’s girl. A simple search of the web and we found Jessica Becker. Jessica, a Girl Scout, created an interactive mural that represents the girl leadership experience. We could not be more pleased and proud to have Jessica as our muralist!
— Mary Anne Jacobs, CEO of Girl Scouts of Gateway Council
Working with Jessica was a great experience. Her positive attitude and expertise made collaborating on our project fun and easy. She took our basic idea and turned it into a masterpiece. She integrated our themes, symbols and military characteristics into the mural. Our Teen Center that was once plain and bare now represents our military lifestyles and brings excitement into the environment. We can’t wait to bring Jessica back for another project.
— Jason McKenzie, Youth Activities Director of Naval Air Station of Jacksonville
Every part of working with Jessica was just awesome. From our initial consultation I knew that she was the right person for the job. Just listening to the few ideas that I had, she created a mural for my food truck that was far beyond my expectations. I was also very impressed with her work ethic. She worked from sun up to sun down to complete the very detailed mural within the timeframe that she initially gave me. Jessica’s mural has become such an asset to my business, it just draws people to my truck.
— Blake Burnett, Owner of Chew Chew Food Truck
I knew I wanted a mural for my new bookstore, but I was a little nervous about who to hire for the job. Jessica Becker was highly recommended to me by Leigh Rodante, a director at the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center. I could not be more pleased with the results! Jessica was very professional and worked diligently until her project was completed. All of the team members at my store loved her as she was a pleasure to talk to. She was always smiling and so darn happy!! We were all sad when the project was completed and she had to move on to her next venture. I’m happy to personally recommend Jessica Becker to anyone who has a special art project in mind. If I ever need anything done in the future I would not hesitate to call her. My mural rocks…and I’ve had lots of compliments on it so far. Thanks Jessica!
— Heather Leigh, Owner of Sweetwood Books in Fleming Island
Jessica created a masterpiece on an unusually difficult location. She was easy to work with and got it done pretty quick. Although the “Vans” logo may look simple . . . it was placed on a curved, uneven surface that’s super hard to get to. And Corporate Vans is no easy customer to please. They were stoked with the final product and Kona was stoked to place such an iconic brand on a legendary spot.
— Martin Ramos, Owner of KONA Skate Park
Christmas 2013 I asked Jessica to paint something in my dark, windowless craft room. She painted me a 3 panel picture window overlooking the ocean with palm trees. It looks so real that when it rains, I think I should close the window.

She did another mural measuring 7’ x 24’ of a Tiki bar. It’s so original and personable. The liquor bottles have names of family, friends, and animals. To have a Barqs can painted as “Barks” with my 3 dogs portraits on it is a winner! Jessica picked up so fast on what I wanted and what I didn’t know I wanted.

August 2014, Jessica painted 3 hula girls on the owhter wasll of my patio to match the Tiki bar theme. They look so lifelike- it’s unreal her talent. She’s like a firecracker on the 4th of July. Give her an idea of what you want and she explodes with ideas.
— Sharon Becker, Naples, FL
I purchased an old Corvair pickup truck, 1962 vintage, and wanted to have it painted or wrapped in Pittsburgh sports colors, black & gold (yellow). So I checked on some people that could do the wrapping of the vehicle and I also talked with a couple of guys that have a food truck and they mentioned that a local artist actually painted their food truck and they gave me her email information and I contacted Jessica Becker and asked her if she would be interested in attempting to paint a small pickup truck and she said she thought it would be interesting to do that type of project.

So we met to have coffee and I gave her my idea(s) of what I wanted to attempt to do with the front, back, sides and top of the truck and after talking with her for about 20 or 30 minutes she left and in a week or so she sent me some pictures of the truck with her concept of what she thought I wanted to do. She was so spot on I really couldn’t think about anything that needed changing with her concepts so I told her I was ready to have her paint the truck.

She came to a garage I rented and it was fairly cramped but she said she could work with it and after about a week of very intense work I had my truck the way I envisioned it. She has pictures online of the final outcome and I am astounded with the way it looks. I get a lot of looks when I drive it around and am totally happy and thankful for the job she did for me.

I know she mainly paint murals but after taking on this truck I believe she could paint subject or on any surface she attempts. As for her professionalism it is without question, she is a great worker, she was at my garage earlier than I was every day and working hard whenever I managed to get there and I was very happy that she allowed me to watch the truck concept develop from beginning to end.

I would recommend Jessica to anyone who has some idea to paint something unique because I am sure she would be able assist in any ideas a person might have. I have actually had her paint a copy of the truck onto a t-shirt, which she did in a few days in her spare time and now I can wear the shirt and show folks what the truck looks like. If anyone would like to take with me about Jessica I am more than happy for her to give my phone information to anyone that might want it. I am pretty sure that in the future I will be getting another antique vehicle and if I do I will definitely see if she could come up with some concepts to do another uniquely painted vehicle.
— John B. Sucevic, Owner of the Pittsburgh themed 1962 Truck
We had the pleasure of having Jessica create a playground mural for our office. She was great to work with, she not only drew out exactly what she was going to paint on our wall, but then was able to execute it very nicely! Jessica is an extremely hard worker and very devoted to her craft. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to do our mural. We love our mural and the bright colors it adds to our office!
— Carina Hayes, Senior Graphic Designer at BYO Recreation and Teachers School Supply
Our circa 1950’s block building needed a sign, and we wanted to match the character of the building by having one painted. The sign companies we routinely do business with wanted nothing to do with it, but Jessica immediately said “no problem,” gave us a budget (which she came in under), and arrived right on schedule to do the work. Having seen her work all over the beach I knew that Jessica was talented, but I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive, timely, and professional she was throughout the process. The results are terrific, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with Jessica again soon.
— Josh Dixon, Project Manager, Scherer Construction